Welcome to the Neuroscience Program at Washington University in St. Louis

Mission Statement:

Breadth, depth, and community: We aim to train scientists in the workings of the nervous system and equip them to pursue fundamental questions with clear thinking and powerful tools. Our program sustains and grows a pioneering scientific spirit paired with enthusiastic collaboration, genuine affection, and a passion to see each trainee flourish. Read more.

COVID-19: Important information for visitors to Washington University

The 2021-22 Admission Season for the Neuroscience Program is fully online!

The application deadline for Washington University's Program in Neuroscience is December 1, 2020. Interviews will be online in January and February, and we will introduce you to current students and faculty.  Please contact Sally Vogt (vogts@wustl.edu) with questions or refer to the DBBS Admissions webpage.

Winners of the 2021 O’Leary Prize For Excellence in Neuroscience Research:

• Fang Wang, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Brian Kim, "A novel neuroimmune itch-sensory circuit"

• Oshri Avraham, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Valeria Cavalli, “Glial mechanisms regulating axonal regeneration - looking beyond the neurons”

Drs. Wang and Avraham will each receive a $1000 prize. Congratulations!

Many thanks to all of the talented students and fellows who applied, and to all those who attended the event.
Many thanks also to our judges: Drs. Yao Chen, Jason Ulrich, Hongyu An, Chris Weihl, and Paul Kotzbauer!

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