Mission Statement

Breadth, depth, and community

We aim to train scientists in the workings of the nervous system and equip them to pursue fundamental questions with clear thinking and powerful tools. Our program sustains and grows a pioneering scientific spirit paired with enthusiastic collaboration, genuine affection, and a passion to see each trainee flourish.

To meet these expectations, we:

  1. provide many opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of specific areas of neuroscience

  2. recruit, train, and support students from diverse scientific, ethnic, racial, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds

  3. demonstrate and teach high standards of ethics and professional conduct

  4. ensure fluency in best practices for rigor & reproducibility, quantitative & statistical thinking, and written and verbal communication

  5. promote and support collaboration and interaction across the neuroscience community at WashU

  6. advise students throughout their PhD careers on academic and non-academic issues

  7. respond quickly and transparently to student concerns, questions and program issues

  8. provide career exploration and preparation towards diverse career goals