Letter from the Directors

Welcome to the Neuroscience Program at Washington University!

How does the brain control movement and produce thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories? How can we help those people for whom diseases have affected their normal cognitive or motor abilities? These questions present the largest and most exciting challenges in modern science. From the earliest work on nerve impulses to the current imaging of human brain activities, the laboratories of Washington University have been at the forefront of training outstanding young neuroscientists.

Today that training is organized into a comprehensive Neuroscience Ph.D. program representing more than 150 faculty and currently hosting 105 students. Our faculty foster an exceptionally diverse learning environment, spanning more than 16 clinical and pre-clinical departments. Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 in the country, our program is also highly regarded for its collegial atmosphere and extensive interactions between laboratories. The superb resources and the breadth of faculty interests provide our students with the experiences and background that are critical to define their own professional interests and goals.

Students at Washington University enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle with numerous cultural, sporting and outdoor activities. Competitive stipends go far given the relatively low cost of living. Because our students are our best ambassadors, we urge you to come and visit us, and see the Neuroscience Program for yourself.

Daniel Kerschensteiner and Timothy Holy

A Presentation from the Directors about the Neuroscience Program

The neuroscience program directors present a series of slides that describe some of the distinctive features of the neuroscience program. They discuss the considerable resources you have to assist your training, the training curriculum, a rich array of electives, the collaborative nature of the community, support networks, leadership and outreach opportunities, and program outcomes and benefits.