Candidate Interview

12-18 applicants are invited for an interview session, which begins on a Thursday evening and runs through Saturday morning/afternoon. The interviews are held in January and February. The events typically include an orientation with members of the admissions committee, tours of the campus and scientific facilities, informal conversations with graduate students and faculty, as well as a day of interview sessions on Friday. There is also the opportunity to attend information sessions about special programs offered by Washington University or the Neuroscience Program.


The Neuroscience Program covers expenses for transportation, hotel charges, and meal expenses incurred during your travel and visit.


On Friday there are typically 5 interviews, which last between 30 and 45 minutes. These meetings are one-on-one with professors who are likely to share common scientific interests.

Student Interactions

Our graduate students in the Neuroscience program play an integral part in arranging each interview weekend. Candidates for the program will be assigned a student mentor who can offer their advice and experiences in the Neuroscience program as well as help you learn the “real scoop” and navigate your interview schedule. Candidates will have the opportunity to attend dinners with students and faculty, as well as see highlights of the St. Louis area and attend social activities arranged by the students.


Applicants who are subsequently offered admission to the Program will be invited for an optional second visit in March,. Like the first interview, the second trip will be at Program expense. The second visit is purely for the sake of the applicants. When considering the possibility of attending different Neuroscience Programs, there are many important features about an individual Program, the University and the host city that must be considered carefully. We believe a second visit to Washington University will permit students to make an informed and confident choice. The second trip will include i) opportunities to meet with specific faculty and laboratories that could not be scheduled on the first visit, ii) to meet and get to know better other potential 1st year class members, iii) to sit in on a 1st year Neuroscience class in order to get a feeling for the academic culture, and importantly iv) to tour the city and see potential living arrangements at a relaxed pace.


Questions about the interview process may be sent to Sally Vogt.